Bittersweet Weekend.

It’s been a pretty good end of the week. I’ve been deprived of more than necessary sleep this week due to 3 assignments and 1 test all in 3 days. But it’s been a pretty thankful week (quite appropriately) regardless. Got to meet up with the girls overnight on Friday. And spent the day studying and “baking” with Jane today.

Although, it’s a little bittersweet today considering this week’s baking challenge was a FAIL.

I attempted the “renowned” gogooma (sweet potato) cake (고구마 케익) – to have it completely fail and render myself feeling defeated. (Baking is tiring. My arm hurts from whisking so much…)

But, I can’t only blog about my successes – which (as an update from last week), everyone seemed to enjoy the cake pops last week. Sorry VCC, no treats this Sunday. So, here’s the account of today’s failure! (완전 망했어 오늘….). Maybe it’s Jane’s fault =P (Kidding!).

So, we used (mostly) a recipe from Naver.

I will have to retry the cake part of the cake. It turned out SO bread-y. It was so thick =( I think we did something wrong in the whisking part… Anyway.

I think for now, I’ll just upload a picture of Jane enjoying her baking experience. She didn’t see what was coming… 4 hours of total failure!

While we were trying to revive the cake near the end (and the cream without stick onto the cake…) 2NE1’s UGLY came one from the computer. The lyrics go:

난 왜 이렇게 못난 걸까

[Why am I so ugly]

어떡하면 나도 너처럼 환하게 웃어볼수 있을까

[What do I have to do to be able to laugh like you]

쳐다보지마 지금 이 느낌이 싫어 난

[Don’t look at me, I hate this feeling]

어디론가 숨고만 싶어 벗어나고 싶어

[I just want to hide somewhere, escape to somewhere]

이세상은 거짓말

[This world is a lie]

I Think I’m ugly

And nobody wants to love me

Just like her i wanna be pretty I wanna be pretty

Don’t lie to my face tellin’ me I’m pretty

날 쉽게 이해한다고 하지마

[Don’t tell me that you understand me]

못생기고 삐뚤어진 내 마음이 널 원망할지도 몰라

[My ugly and twisted heart might resent you] 

So going with those lyrics, let me show you the difference between what the cake SHOULD have looked like and how it ENDED UP looking…….. *Sigh.

What it should have looked like.

Still, Jane was happy. Had a good time laughing and making a mess of the house. This is a weekend of thanksgiving and what's better than hanging out with an old friend. =)

Finishing with sore arms, no cake but memories of a hilarious failed attempt at gogooma cake, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!



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