A Golden (Chocolatey) Moment to Celebrate.

This is such a late post! Sorry!

I got busy and didn’t get a chance to get an SD card reader to post the pictures for this post… So it’s a week late.

Last week was a special weekend – many birthdays to celebrate. So I got a chance to make some new chocolate and golden cupcakes.

I had a few freak out moments but it seemed to be a relative success so I can’t complain!

I bought a new book with MANY recipes I want to try and these two happened to be in it. It’s Nick Malgieri’s “the Modern Baker”.

The book's version of the Golden and Chocolate Cupcakes

I usually fail making frostings because they come out too runny, but the frostings in the book came out great! Especially the vanilla one. I find that personally I don’t like chocolate frostings because they use semi-sweet chocolate and I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate. And they come out really sweet…

Anyway, I’ll just give a quick recap of the baking succession for last week’s baking session.

Dry ingredients for the chocolate cupcakes

Chopped up dark chocolate!

Add a cup of boiling water to melt the chocolate.

After letting the water sit for about 3-5 minutes, whisk until the mixture is smooth.

In 3 parts add the dry ingredients, whisking until well incorperated.

The "Moist Chocolate Cupcake" batter. Mmmm.

Sugar, Butter, Vanilla Extract and Lemon Zest for the Golden Cupcakes.

Dry ingredients for the Golden Cupcakes.


Cupcakes cooling on the rack. Now that I look at them they look nice. They were evil the night of...

Vanilla Frosting.

Chocolate Frosting.

Decorated Chocolate Cupcakes.

Decorated Golden Cupcakes.

I didn’t pipe these cupcakes ’cause they didn’t look very pretty [mainly because the actual cupcakes themselves didn’t come out too pretty…]

I think for the most part I’ve gotten a hang of baking and decorating cupcakes. They happen a lot faster than trying something completely new.

Personally, I think the vanilla frosting came out better than the chocolate one did. It wasn’t as sweet either. But  I think I put too much lemon zest in the golden cupcakes because they came out tasting a little like lemon poppyseed muffins [without the poppyseeds]. Which mad me a little sad… And the chocolate cupcakes were REALLY moist. Which was good when they cooled down but freaked me out while I took them out of the tray because even though I let them cool a little the tops starting breaking off when I took them out of the tray.

Anyway, as much as I felt they were a fail and didn’t get to spend much time with you guys on Sunday, hope you had a great birthday boys! =)


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